Janet Pfeiffer, Anger 9-1-1 Radio
Janet Pfeiffer, Anger 9-1-1 Radio

Welcome to ANGER 9-1-1 Radio

If you have issues with anger or are dealing with someone who does, this is the place to come to for understanding and tips. If you argue or fight, now you can learn how to resolve your differences peacefully and permanently. Dealing with a difficult person? I can show you how to calm them down and gain their cooperation. It's all quite simple, really.


Understanding and Dealing with Anger

Q. Do you know where your anger really comes from?
            A. I didn’t think so.

Q. Do other people push your buttons and get you angry?
            A. Don’t you just hate that?

Q. How about dealing with angry people?
            A. Hey that’s not easy!

Q. Would you like a deeper understanding of anger and innovative tools
      to deal with it?
            A. Of course you would!

Q. And would you like to live a more peaceful, joyful life?
            A. Absolutely!

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Janet Pfeiffer, Anger 9-1-1 Radio
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ANGER 9-1-1 Radio

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Janet Pfeiffer, Anger 9-1-1 Radio
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Why ANGER 9-1-1?

Every day, millions of people mishandle their anger:

  • couples fight - hurting one another.
  • aggressive drivers put us at risk.
  • others suffer medical illnesses due to anger.
  • some get angry and kill.

Lives are destroyed because good people lack vital information and critical skills to heal their anger. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Choosing inner peace over anger is effortless once you know how. I did it and you can, too.

Join me, Janet Pfeiffer, LIVE every Wednesday mornings at 9 am Eastern Time on W4CY.com for ANGER 9-1-1. Click on the purple microphone on the left.

Emergency treatment for emotional healing.

Feel it. Heal it. Then live in peace.

Be my GUEST on ANGER 9-1-1.

ANGER 9-1-1 is a live call-in internet radio show which airs every Wednesday from 9:00-10:00am, EST and is hosted by international speaker and award-winning author Janet Pfeiffer. You are welcome to call in during the show at 561-623-9429 with your questions, comments or requests.

Janet Pfeiffer, Anger 9-1-1 Radio

Or you can schedule in advance for a more extended session with me. If you need awareness and guidance for whatever is causing you distress, give me a call directly! I’m here to help. Discover deep insights and powerful tools to resolve your anger. Choosing inner peace over anger is effortless once you know how. Email Janet@Anger911.net or call 973-697-1904 for an extended on-air session.

The Secret Side of Anger

NY Times bestselling author and leader in mind/body/spirit medicine, Dr. Bernie Siegel says:

"Janet Pfeiffer has written a book that can guide you on the path to a more peaceful and blessed life.  Filled with deep wisdom, she shows you how to take charge of your thoughts and feelings and regain your personal power and ultimately heal your wounds and your life."

Order your copy of The Secret Side of Anger today!

People are talking about ANGER 9-1-1:

“I got more out of 30 minutes with you than in the 2 years of therapy I had for my anger. Thank you, Janet! You are an angel!”
      Sharon W., New York

“I never knew I could actually HEAL my anger. I always tried to control my temper but after listening to you, I have found so much more peace. I’m not nearly as angry as I used to be. Even my family noticed. Keep doing what you’re doing, Janet. The whole world needs to hear you.”
      John P., Wisconsin

“When you showed me how to stop myself from blowing up at my kids, it was so simple! No one ever told me how before. Thanks to you I am a much better and calmer parent and I’m not hurting my children any more. I can’t thank you enough, Janet!”
      D.P., Florida

“I only listened to your show once but I know I want the same peace you have. I’m going to listen every week.”
      Jill S., New Jersey

Professionally Speaking:

Janet Pfeiffer is President and CEO of Pfeiffer Power Seminars, LLC, your premier resource for all your interpersonal training needs. As leaders in anger management, conflict resolution, emotional wellness and relationships, we’ve been providing innovative workshops to businesses, schools, churches and wellness centers for nearly 20 years.

When anger and conflict are the problem, we’re the solution!

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Janet Pfeiffer, Anger 9-1-1 Radio
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